A lease is defined as a contract-based agreement that takes place between the lessor (the legal owner) and the lessee (the user) for a specified period of time. The lessor rents the asset to the lessee who has the legal right to use the asset throughout the lease term. By the end of the lease term stated in the contract, the lessee can then choose to purchase the asset.









Financial Benefits:

Arab African International Leasing (AAIL) offers a wide-variety of financial benefits to the Lessee:


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Accounting advantages Plan your expenses and cash outflow steadily and easily


Latest advanced technology advantages Stay up to date with the newest and fastest technologies, instead of constantly replacing your assets


Flexibility and simplicity Sit back and relax through a smooth lease term and enjoy asset flexibility

Our Services

AAIL offers cost-effective and customized leasing solutions that cater a broad-base of business and corporations, including:

lease type
Capital Lease
lease type
Operating Lease
lease type
Sale & Lease Back
lease type
Tri-party Lease

What we Lease

We lease various types of assets that will deliver our clients’ specific needs and requirements:

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    Machinery and Production Lines
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    Real Estate and Construction
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    Commercial Vehicles
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    Industrial Equipment