Shareholders Profile

Arab African International Bank (AAIB)
Arab African Investment Holding Co
AAIB Employee Pension Fund

Arab African International Bank (AAIB) ranks as the major shareholder standing as the first-rate commercial and investment bank in the region. It holds a respected ownership value of 99% and 1% shared amongst the Arab African International Holding Co. and AAIB Employee Social Fund.
AAIB’s financial services stand high with the commanding support of both the Central Bank of Egypt and the Kuwait Investment Authority, each sharing a 49.37% stake of AAIB’s major shareholder base.
Its tailored products and services meet the progressive needs of its corporate clients, their employees, and premium associates. With that, AAIB established endurable credibility amongst its patrons and surpassed its reputation as being one of the fastest growing banks in Egypt.

Throughout the years, AAIB has earned a supreme record of esteemed awards that have driven the bank’s leading position in the Egyptian market; a few of which are enlisted: